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Understand Homes & The Housing Market, Buy & Sell Smarter!

Hello, and thanks for stopping in! Heres a bit about my background and what I can do to help you:

Personal: I was born and raised in Peterborough. I've enjoyed some time traveling and living abroad, but my family roots roots and a love of this community have always led me back home. I couldn't personally picture a better place for me and my Fiancé to live and raise our two beautiful young sons!

Career: In regards to my career - I was raised in an environment that fostered my curiosity for all things real estate related. Most of my life, my parents and several other members of my family have been active in operating and working for the second generation family home building business. Thanks to this, I was lucky to be employed in the construction industry from a young age, and learned about the components of residential construction along the way. I gained a formal education as an Architectural Technician at Loyalist College, and went on to work most of my professional life in carpentry, site supervision, and a period of time in Alberta's oil fields.

Making the jump to pursue real estate as my full-time career has been something I wanted to do most of my adult life, and I'm very grateful everyday that I get to call this my profession. I feel a great sense of purpose and enjoyment in helping clients with their real estate needs, and know that my past experience has given me the tools to serve my clients to the fullest potential.

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